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Welcome to my blog!

Hi! I am Duong Pham, a Ph.D. student at Department of Political Science, University of California, San Diego. Thank you for stopping by my website!


On this blog-site, I will mostly share about my life as a social science researcher and a graduate student in the U.S.

Interested in learn a little bit more about my research interests, my publications, my opinions on some contending social or political issues, or simply just some interesting facts about the academia? Don't hesitate to navigate yourself to the "Academic" category. Of course, should you be curious about my expertise and academic portfolio, do know that I share my resume and projects in the "CV" and "Projects" pages respectively (feel free to navigate yourself to the top of this webpage and you will see these two buttons).

I believe that you could also benefit from the "Resources" category, through which I will share with you a wide array of reading materials including books and articles, softwares, apps, videos, platforms, other online resources, etc. which I am sure will turn your study and research experience into a productive, joyful one. I will also post some instruction videos and tips on how to make better use of these resources.

Alright, so if you think my life is too mundane, do give me another opportunity to impress you by visiting the "Life" category of my blog, where I will write some short stories about the lifestyle that I lead. Maybe you could feel related with my sharing about my identity as a queer, or about life in the States, or maybe about mental health, or probably just random thoughts about the universe? Who knows what you will find there...

Once again, thank you for being here! May I wish you a lovely day ahead, whoever you are, and wherever you are.


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